The PETA-Mekong Partnership Project is committed to documenting its experiences in the field. It publishes its manuals, case studies, researches, and conference proceedings, and disseminates it to the wider public.

Changing She-Images: Women Re-Imag[in]ing the World

(Selected Papers from the Conference Proceedings)

A compilation of papers selected from the presentations given at the Asia-Pacific Festival-Conference of Women in the Arts held in the Philippines in 2003. It provides insights on the practices and processes of women artists in producing their art and how they engage in their respective communities and/or local contexts. It also consolidates a vision for women theater artists in Asia-Pacific to pursue their art and womanhood in their respective field.

A Journey Back Home: Two Women Writing About a Young Life Lost

A tri-lingual (English, Thai and Vietnamese) anthology of four short plays about the stories and plight of women. Three plays were written by a Thai playwright, Pornrat Damrhung (Brave Mother, Journey of the Brides, and Abduction) and one by a Vietnamese playwright, Nguyen Thi Minh Ngoc (The Journey Home).

Stage for Change: An Artist’s Guide to Gender, Sexuality, HIV and AIDS Advocacy

A manual-guide based on the Mekong Performing Arts Laboratory on the use of performing arts for advocacy. It provides an insight on complex reality of gender, sexuality and HIV/AIDS matters, and fosters a dynamic exchange of ideas which can be used as a valuable tool in developing advocacy performances.

Stage for Change is an online publication in partnership with UNESCO Bangkok.

Stage for Change

3rd Mekong Youth Forum 2010 on Trafficking and Migration

A report of procedures and the outcome of the 3rd Mekong Youth Forum 2010 on Trafficking and Migration held in Bangkok, Thailand. It compiles the proceedings and the result of the five-day children’s workshop where youth delegates made regional recommendation on migration and trafficking, which the participants presented to government officials and other stakeholders.

Mekong Youth Forum 2010 (Report)
Mekong Youth Forum 2010 (Documentation)

Building Creative Communities: PETA’s Theater for Advocacy Work in Mekong

A compilation of the PETA-Mekong Partnership Project’s experiences in engaging with the Mekong creative communities in addressing gender and sexuality issues and their impact on the spread of virulent diseases particularly HIV/AIDS. With the 2005-2010 Mekong Performing Arts Laboratories as backdrop, nine articles feature the creative processes of Mekong artists and groups; their different artistic forms, inspirations and experiences; and their creative partnerships and cross-cultural interactions as members of the Mekong creative communities. It likewise features an evaluation of the PETA Mekong Partnership Program that facilitated these inspiring encounters among Mekong artists and groups.

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