Mekong Arts and Media Festival

Mekong Performing Arts Laboratory 2006

August 27 – September 16, 2006
Hanoi, Vietnam

It was held in partnership with Vietnam’s Center for Research Conservation and Development of National Culture, the Center for Population and Reproductive Health Studies of Hanoi Medical University, and the Center for Community Health and Research Development. It was integrated with the 5th Leadership Course on Gender, Sexuality and Health organized by the Southeast Asian Consortium on Gender, Sexuality and Health.

Mekong Performing Arts Laboratory 2007

November 23 – December 15, 2007
Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Battambang, Cambodia

On its third year, the Mekong Performing Arts Laboratory, organized in partnership with Phare Ponleu Selpak, went on mobile and was themed as an “Artists’ Caravan”. Continuously held in three provinces of Cambodia, the Laboratory opened in Phnom Penh during their Water Festival, paid tribute and celebrated World AIDS Day in Siem Reap, and showcased their final performance to the community in Battambang.

Mekong Performing Arts Laboratory 2008

November 3 – 29, 2008
Chiangmai, Thailand

The fourth Laboratory, organized with The Wandering Moon Performing Group and Endless Journey (Wandering Moon), was themed to utilize “Masks and Puppets” as performance forms and devises. Here, new sets of ‘Laboratory within a Laboratory’ were introduced – a Visual Arts Laboratory composed of a small group of young visual artists from Cambodia and Thailand, and a Music Laboratory composed of music students from Thailand, collaborated with the performing groups.

Mekong Arts and Media Festival 2009

November 23-27, 2009
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

It is a celebratory, innovative and forward-looking event showcasing a milieu of rich, fertile ground for creative work and local talent toward social change. The festival also provides an opportunity and space for artists, civil society and development stakeholders, workers and groups to share and have a dialogue about tools and learning strategies in arts and media, widening creative space, changing trends and opportunities for arts or for media as a part of economic, social and political changes in the region.

The 5th Mekong Performing Arts Laboratory

September – October 2010
Manila, Philippines and Bangkok, Thailand

The 5th Mekong Performing Arts Laboratory introduced a new thematic thrust: children’s rights and child protection. Organized with Save the Children UK’s Mekong Cross-border Project in the GMS as the main partner, it is considered a “Master Class Laboratory” focusing on directing, playwriting and dramaturgy as important devising tools in developing advocacy performances.

Mekong Youth Leadership Training on Child Protection

March 22 – 31, 2010
Chiangmai, Thailand

The Mekong Youth Leadership Training on Child Protection is a regional training for youth leaders in the GMS to enhance their creativity in developing initiatives that would promote children’s rights, child protection and child participation. Through creative methodologies and dialogical process, the training emphasizes the evolving capacities among young leaders, as they are encouraged to use their creativity and leadership skills for the empowerment of youth around the region.

Regional Leadership Course on Child Protection

August 17 – 27, 2009

The Regional Leadership Training Course on Children’s Rights, Child Protection, and Child Participation is an intensive training course for government officials, NGO and development workers, and other stakeholders in building the child protection structures in the GMS. The training aims to enhance the leadership capacity of managers, project staff, members of Child Protection Committees, social workers, police, teachers, health workers, community leaders, case managers and trainers, and enrich their creative skills in delivering their roles on child protection.

Mekong Youth Forum 2010

October 24 – 29, 2010
Bangkok, Thailand

It is a regional children and youth workshop which facilitates the active participation of children and youth around the region by developing their own recommendations on issues of human trafficking, migration and the vulnerabilities of children and youth in the region. Through creative approaches, the participants share their insights, analyze situations, voice out their commitment and suggestions, and in the end, present their views and develop a dialogue with government officials, policy makers and stakeholders.

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